About - Adam Raymaker


Adam Raymaker is a photographer currently living in San Francisco, California whose work is based around fine-art landscapes and travel. He believes that photography is the perfect medium to express himself and how he sees the environment around him. He finds much inspiration in being on the road and traveling around as much as he can. A major passion of Adam’s is sharing his work with others. He hopes that it will inspire them to spend time outdoors and create memories of their own.

Currently at the age of 26, Adam is working as a freelance photographer as well as having the role of Creative Associate at Myles Apparel. He has been working to better his craft and push himself to create better work every time he picks up a camera. Whether near or far, Adam is always humbled by the many vast and breathtaking landscapes he is lucky enough to witness. This overwhelming feeling of insignificance is what drives Adam to create the work that he does. In his work, Adam aims to show appreciation for the places he's been, as well as giving a visual representation of human interaction with such awe-inspiring landscapes.